Unoriginal Hollywood

Movies started going downhill once Hollywood figured out they could still make money with minimal creative efforts remaking movies, splitting the final ones into two and creating prequels/sequels. Which, let’s be honest, are hardly ever as good as the original. (Marvel, you can ignore me here because we all know you make a damn good movie.) Now, the small screen is catching on.

If you haven’t heard, 2016 is the year of television rebooting. Once the money-hungry people of Hollywood saw the excitement about the return of X-Files and Fuller House they just couldn’t help themselves. Shows like Powerpuff Girls, Heroes (will be Heroes Reborn) and even Xena: Warrior Princess are getting another round on our weeknight screens.couch potato

But the unimaginative writers and creators don’t stop there. Movies such as Limitless, Rush Hour and School of Rock will have television offspring of their own. We’ll see the same stories with less famous actors and dragged out timelines. It is becoming a rarity that a movie theater or T.V. guide hold anything truly original.

Even Netflix has jumped on this bandwagon, being the only place to view Fuller House, Daredevil and soon-to-be-rebooted Gilmore Girls. Don’t get me wrong, I am eager for many of these series but I am preparing myself for disappointment (see my review of Fuller House). Which brings me to Hailey Dolan’s Rule #2: When something isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it.

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