Same Story 29 Years Later

Sticking to what he knows, creator Jeff Franklin’s Full House Netflix reboot, Fuller House, is the original story we all know and love but with a gender swap. D.J. Tanner (Cameron-Bure) is struggling at single-parenting, raising her three boys on her own due to the unknown loss of her husband. Sound familiar? It should. Her father, Danny Tanner (Saget), was in the same situation 29 years prior with her and her two sisters.

fuller house cast

Not lacking in Stephanie’s “how rude”s or Jesse’s “have mercy”s, episode one, Our Very First Show, Again, should be renamed What’s Your Catch Phrase. With every character crammed into the 36-minute pilot, you have all the predictable lines followed by the forced audience laughter. I’m pretty sure I saw the person standing off to the side holding the “Laugh Now” sign at one point.

But even with the predictability, Fuller House has its charms. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of childhood or maybe it’s the pointed jokes made at the Olsen twins for not returning as Michelle. Either way, I stuck with my rule. Hailey Dolan’s Rule #1: When testing out a new television series, give it at least a two-episode chance.


Enter Kimmy Gibbler (Barber) and Stephanie Tanner (Sweetin), living in the famous house to help single-parent D.J. raise her three boys, just as Joey (Coulier) and Jesse (Stamos) did with Danny.  And I mean, just like. Kimmy Gibbler, with her blouse decorated in over-sized bacon and eggs, is our new child-like Joey but with less cartoon-voice talents. Stephanie, with her darker wardrobe and disc jockey status, is our new sleep-till-noon, music-loving Jesse minus the motorcycle.



Along with Kimmy comes her daughter, Ramona (Bringas), and their not-so-believable relationship, forcing D.J.’s eldest son, Jackson (Campion), to move in with Max (Harger) in the room D.J. shared with Stephanie.

(I wasn’t kidding when I said this is the same story.)

There are a few lines that ring true to Full House‘s original comedic appeal, like Ramona’s remark about the Fullers being the whitest, American family: “The Fullers are like albino polar bears drinking milk in a snow storm watching Frozen.” But try as they might, these newbies just aren’t the original trio.

While I can remember staying up late on weeknights to finish the episodes of Full House on Nick at Nite, with Fuller House, I’ll just go to sleep.


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